We will take care
of finding you a competent Chef
and household staff.


When you arrive for your holiday and get the keys to your chalet, you only have one thing in mind: taking a well-deserved break! Let us manage the little domestic details for you.

Housekeepers and Cleaning staff.

We offer the services of competent hospitality staff who will make sure your accommodation stays in perfect shape, and will do your laundry. Come back from skiing all day to find your rooms smelling fresh and a clean chalet.

Our cleaning staff can, of course, work according to the times you choose: every day, or once or twice during your stay if you prefer. Discreet and Reliable, they will work around your schedule to remain unseen…

Head chef and Cooks

Whether you want a household chef, or just a gourmet dinner between friends, we will provide the necessary staff to manage the catering, food preparation and will create creative gourmet menus according to your requirements.

Our Chefs and line cooks were meticulously chosen by our Concierge team and are seasoned veterans from having worked for several years in Courchevel’s best hotels and restaurants.

Butlers and Maintenance workers

Discreet and attentive, our butler will act as your intermediary with our Concierge team. You can give them all your requests: they will take care of all of your chalet’s logistics and organisational details, make your purchases and serve your meals.

If, whether for just one meal or every day, you wish to add the services of a bartender or wine waiter to the butler’s service, we will provide those as well, of course.

 If you have small maintenance work to be done in your accomodation, you can request the services of one of the Concierge’s maintenance workers or one of our skilled workers (plumbers, electricians, etc.).

Courchevel Home Services

Courchevel Home Services

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