Book your ski instructor or mountain guide.

Whether you are new to skiing or are already an expert, retaining the services and advice of a private ski instructor or a mountain guide will guarantee that you experience the best of the Three Valleys Resorts, the finest ski area in the world.

Improve your skills safely and painlessly.

Your ski instructor will provide you with advice on your technique and take you on the pistes that fit your level, Allowing you to improve your skills at your own rate, without worrying about ending up on a piste for which you are unprepared.

Save time.

Say goodbye to the endless queues – with your instructor you receive priority access to the ski lifts.

Your instructor also knows the pistes inside and out, saving you precious time trying to find your way on the piste maps.

Discover the mountain from a different perspective.

Your instructor could also show you other enjoyable and original ways to experience the mountain.

Snowboarding is a given, but you might also have the opportunity to try telemark skiing, discover off-piste skiing with climbing skins, or go snowshoeing through the pine trees for some breathtaking views.

If you are already a good skier, your instructor or guide will provide equipment and safety training and take you out in search of untouched landscapes for a memorable off-piste experience.

Mountains also mean ice climbing, snowmobiling or dog-sledding…It doesn’t matter whether you’re athletic or new to the sport, you can make your way down the mountain slopes accompanied by professionals who only have one goal in mind: providing you with an exceptional mountain experience!

Looking for adventure?

We can also arrange for helicopter drop-offs: Take advantage of pristine slopes for a real adrenaline-filled experience! And if you want to prolong your experience, we will work with your instructor to plot a special bespoke cross-country course for experiencing the best of the European summits.

Ski Instructor or Mountain Guide

Ski Instructor or Mountain Guide

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